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Types of Insurance


There are three basic types of Life Insurance we have available.  They consist of, Whole Life, Universal Life and Term Life.  We can help determine which is best for your specific need.


We focus on Long-Term Disability Insurance. Please note, 90% of long-term disability claims are not work related. which means they are not covered by workers' compensation.*  We will take the time to explain in detail why everyone needs this type of coverage.

*Council for Disability Awareness, long-term disability claims review, 2014


We use Annuities in retirement planning.  We will explain in more detail what an annuity is and its versatlity in our initial conversation. 

Retirement plans

Each person has their own needs and goals for their senior years.  That can include but not limited to, simple retirement goals, healthcare costs down the road and even basic higher education planning.

If you are in your early 20's to early 40's we want to show you something exciting that could materially change your financial future! (most other financial advisors will never tell you this)

"People may not always tell you the truth, but numbers always will."

Harrison M. Gave, CES




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